Use Cases

Academics/Education Evaluation

Create online exams and teachers' evaluations, and allow students to conveniently complete the surveys from anywhere. Allow survey takers to skip page(s) or question(s) based on previous question(s)' answer(s). Distribute the survey through email, link, or on your web site. Responses are immediately available. Download responses to a file that can be opened in excel. Reuse existing questionaire as a template to create new ones.


Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction surveys will help your business' retention of current customers/clients and improve your positions for prospective clients. In order to keep customers satisfied with your products or services, you need to proactively engage them for feedback. Use survey to find out how your customer service department is doing, which areas are doing well and which need improvements. Let MoboSurvey help you create surveys to obtain vital data for your business success.


Employee Evaluation

Use the versitility of MoboSurvey to create surveys to evaluate employees, managers, or executives. Get feedbacks from employees. Create surveys as a mechanism to reach a team's decision. Prepare a questionaire for potential job applicants. Use Mobosurvey to create reimbursement forms, exit interview forms, meeting notes, CRM system, sales order forms, support requests, annual leave forms, equipment checkout forms, or time sheets.


Event Registration

Create event registration form where participants can register and reserve a spot. Easily track the headcount on how many participants are attending. Maintain a checklist of things to do or items to bring. Close out registration form when all spots are taken. MoboSurvey allows you to create a survey that will make sure you do not overbook or underbook while making the rest of your event planning process seamless.


Health Care

Save your patients time by allowing them to take your screening surveys online ahead of time. Filter and screen patients by checking for existing medical conditions, allergies, or predispositions. Use survey to get user feedbacks on your medical services and staff performance. Allow MoboSurvey to improve your patients' overhead time.

Evaluate medical research and studies by creating questionaires to collect and compare data from researchers. Get real-time feedback and statistics.



Create surveys and questionaires to gauge customer satisfaction with the front desk, guest services, room service, guest room, restaurant, lounge, or overall rating. Allow MoboSurvey to assist you to obtain and analyze results. If your customers don't have time, they can access the survey online at any time from their mobile and other devices. Simply distribute the survey to them through email, link, or on your web site.


Marketing Research

Marketing research is an important task if your company want to determine the viability of a product/service in a new market or industry. Other situations where marketing research can also be valuable may include:
  • Understanding customer expections
  • Understanding your customer's perception on your products/services
  • Finding out who are your potential customers

While qualitative methods, such as focus groups and personal interviews, target the emotional issues of the consumers, the survey quantitative technique generates more meaningful response metrics. The benefits of online survey are low cost, fast turnaround, ease of distribution, and many more. Our online survey system is flexible and versatile to get feedbacks from a wide range of audience. Your target participants could either be smartphone/tablet users or traditional laptop/desktop users. So give MoboSurvey a try the next time your company performs a marketing research.


Mobile Application Feedback

Ever wonder who your mobile application's users are or how much they would be willing to pay for your app? You can use MoboSurvey to ask your customers just that. Use our intuitive editor to build a mobile survey in minutes and integrate a hyperlink into your app or website, and your users will be able to fill out the survey from their smart phone internet browser without interrupting your application.Using a simple survey, you can find out valuable information to help grow your app and maximize your profit:

  • Get demographic information about your users
  • Find out how much they would be willing to pay for your app
  • Get feedback on your app features to make improvements
  • Engage users for ideas on new features and functionalities



Create a simple one question poll and allow your audience to give you the answer you need.


Product Evaluation

In order to evaluate your company's products, you need to bring the questions straight to the customers. After all, who else is better to review your products or services than the ones who actually use them. The goals of a product evaluation survey are to understand the customers' attitudes towards a product's need, preferences, attributes, packaging, marketing, and pricing. Any company that wants to be successful and have a better product needs to understand these attitudes and perceptions. Our MoboSurvey system makes it easy to conduct an evaluation survey and have the results analyzed in real-time.



Happy and satisfied customers are the ones that keep coming back. To make and keep a customer happy, as a restaurant owner, you need to understand his/her opinion and perception of your restaurant. More specifically, you need to obtain facts about what they want, what they expect, and what make them return to your restaurant again. You can use our MoboSurvey system to quickly create surveys that obtain your customers demographic information and their opinion on your restaurant's menu selection, food quality, services, pricing, and other attributes. Once you have gathered these information, make adjustments to improve or maintaince customer satisfaction.

One of the advantages of MoboSurvey is the option to have your customers fill out the survey on the spot using their mobile devices. Industry research has shown that consumers tend to give more feedback at the time of services. As a result, these feedbacks can be used to improve your restaurant bottom line.



Retail research survey helps retail stores to gain insight into the customers' mind and perception. Proactively asking customers for feedbacks and opinions will help improve your products, services, and the overal store experience. It's important to understand customer opinions and find out why they like or dislike about the store and certain products. Other attributes you might want to find out from the customers are location accessibility, operation hours, decors, etc. Once the feedbacks have been analyzed, you can use the data to make improvements and changes to the store if neccessary. Mobobsurvey allow you to easily create and manage surveys for all of your retail search surveys.


Website Feedback

Adding a survey link on your website may be the most convenient way to ask for user feedbacks about your website. Important information that you may want to find out about your users:
  • Their most/least favorite website features
  • How to improve your overall website
  • Personal information, including age group and location

MoboSurvey distribution system will generate html code for you to integrate the survey into your website. You can either directly embed it in the website or pop up a new window. We have many options that you can choose to meet your need.