Advance Survey Editor

Use our powerful and intuitive survey editor to create surveys quickly. You can simply click or drag/drop a field to add questions to a survey. You can also edit, re-order, and remove questions in the same page without leaving the editor. When your survey has no questions, the editor will provide you with a "pre-built template" link. If this link is clicked, an overlay will appear that will allow you to choose a template to kick-start your survey. Use our theming feature to add a logo to your survey or change the color theme.

8 Types of Survey Questions

With more than 8 question types to choose from, it has the flexibility to create the most complex surveys. We have textbox for single line of text, textarea for multi-line text, radio question, checkbox, combo-box, slider, scaling, and matrix. Our advance editor also allows you to create multiple pages survey with section header.

Rule Logic

You may want a question answered only if a condition is met. Rule logic is a feature that allows you to do just that. Field Rule allows survey designer to control which question should be skipped or required based on the answer of a previous question. If you have multiple-pages survey, you can use Page Rule to allow the participants to skip to a specific page if a condition is met.

Advance Poll Editor

Use our powerful and intuitive poll editor to create polls quickly. A poll is a simple one multiple choice question. Use the poll settings to configure the poll. You can allow users to select multiple answers or restrict them to only select 1 answer. You can allow users to enter in their own answer with "other" as one of the choices that is followed by a textbox. You can allow or disallow users to submit more than one vote. Schedule your poll so it will only be available to voters during a date span. Also available is the option for you to make your results public to your voters. Use our theming feature to add a logo to your survey or change the color theme.

Distribute and Collect Realtime Reponses

One of key advantages of MoboSurvey platform is the ability to distribute your surveys or polls to any internet devices. Whether your users use internet connected smart phones, tablets, or traditional desktops, they can access the same surveys or polls from anywhere at anytime.

Once the users submitted their answers, you have the option to redirect them to a website of your choice. The responses will also become available in real-time from the submission and report pages.

Submission Results

From the submission page, you can view all individual responses in real-time. For each response, we also show the detail answers for individual question. You can also export the whole dataset to Excel or CVS file format.

Advance Reporting

Frequency report shows the actual answer total count and percentage for each possible response in a question. For surveys, it will also shows how many participants had answered and skipped a particular question.

Charting allows you to visualize a specific question's frequency report. For each question in the frequency report, you can click on “show chart” to view and visually compare data. Among the most popular charts are area, bar, column, pie, and line. The settings section allows you to further configure your chart. You will have an option to display the chart datapoint with the count number, percentage, both, or neither. There will be options to sort your results. You will also be able filter insignificant results or combine them into one result called "all other results".

Cross-tab report shows the relationship between two or more survey questions. You can use this report to compare how two different groups of respondents answer to the same question. From the below cross tab example, we can tell that every unsatisfied customer has the age of between 26 and 36. While the age group “less than 18” is more happy with the customer services. You can use this feature to plan for improvements that will target specific groups of customers. These breakdown numbers are important when analyzing the results. We want to provide you all possible tools to improve your business bottom line.