brand communication survey

Thank you for filling in this survey about “Indonesian local label and their brand communication”. All information collected will be kept confidential and solely for education purpose only which is for final project in Fashion Media and Industry (Management) major, LaSalle College of the Arts.
1. What is your age range*
2. gender*
3. marital status*
8. How many social media sites do you own (personal or brand)*
10. Type of collection that you have in your brand and for whom is it designated for? (tick if applicable)*
11. How many collection do you have in a year?*
14. If you have website with personal domain and add to cart service (or going to create one), what is your budget for the website?*
15. Do you have press release for each collection?
who help you to create press release for your collection?*
16. For branding of your product, which one do you have custom made for you (has your logo on it) below? (tick if applicable)*
17. For each collection launch, do you have corresponding look book?*
18. In creating the lookbook, how many people do you usually hire to create it? (tick if applicable)
19. What is your consideration in hiring those services? Put 1-7 in the box with 1 being most important
  • Price
  • Quality of work
  • Style suit my preference/brand
  • I know the person personally
  • Efficiency wen working with them
  • Reputation/name
  • They can come to my place for discussion
21. Have you ever worked with an agency? (PR, communication, graphic design, marketing, etc)*
22. If there's a fashion specialized all under one roof branding services (photographer, mua, graphic design, website, etc) , but it can be personalized for your brand style, budget, and need (example: photographer only or whole lookbook package, has different photographers to choose from, website package only, etc), instead of going around to hire them one by one. Would you be interested in it?*
23. why?
24. How much approximately is your budget for hiring photographer service? Price in IDR*
25. How much approximately is your budget for hiring make up artist+ hair stylist + wardrobe stylist services? Price in IDR*
26. How much approximately is your budget for hiring graphic designer service? Price in IDR*
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