'28 Days Of We Buy Black' Feb 2018 Business Spotlight Package: We Buy Black Advertisement Insertion Order

Thank you for confirming your participation in our Business Spotlight Program. Please complete the following insertion order. Please contact Kristian at 917.892.9645 or ads@webuyblack.com with any questions.
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7. List featured product or service for Business Spotlight
8. Do you have any special promotions or sales? If yes, please list.
9. Enter your Website or Hyperlink to be added to blog post
10. Please list your Facebook and Instagram social media handles. (For Example Instagram @webuyblack, Facebook We Buy Black)
11. Please submit Company Logo (Google Drive, Dropbox link or email ads@webuyblack.com)
12. Please enter a Google Drive or Dropbox link of 3 High Res photos of the product (300dpi or Higher) and Your Company Logo. If you do not have a Google Drive or Dropbox link please email images to ads@webuyblack.com *All photos subject to approval.
13. Please include any video links of your Business or Product
14. Promotional Code
15. How are you measuring success or return on investment with this promotion.*
16. The advertiser is responsible for, and hereby agrees to submit requested assets and pay $500 via PayPal Invoice for the We Buy Black Promotions no later than Friday, February 9, 2018. The promotions includes your business as the Featured Business of the Day plus the following One (1) Custom Blog post with interview, photo and hyperlink, One (1) Newsletter Promotion Inclusion, One (1) Facebook Post, and One (2) Instagram Post. We Buy Black reserves the right to approve all of the contents of advertisement as well as the option to reject or cancel any advertisement, IO, URL link, space reservation or position commitment due to content not aligned with our brand. Advertiser will be notified in writing and will not be invoice in such circumstances.*
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